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Whiteville U.S. 701 Project Update for Jan. 23

Note: as the U.S. 701 Bypass Superstreet project is progressing, NCDOT is providing Whiteville officials with weekly updates of traffic impacts. We will be sharing these on air and online as they become available, usually on Monday.

• The Virgil Street intersection will become right turn only on Wednesday, when the new traffic signal light at Columbus Street is activated.

• Highland Paving plans to install lane shifts to allow paving on 701 Bypass in the area of Liberty Street to Smyrna Road.

• A subcontractor will also be constructing new sidewalk and curb and gutter in this area as well and construction of MSE wall(s) in front of Food Lion to the State Employees Credit Union.

• Highland Paving also has plans to use lane closures to address the rough pavement on the U.S. 701 Bypass between Washington Street and Columbus Street this week.

• A subcontractor will be using a lane shift, beginning mid-week, to continue installing new storm drainage from Smyrna Road to Oliver Street along US 701 Bypass.

• A subcontractor is continuing installation of a new water line on Washington Street and U.S. 701 Bypass. Lane closures and lane shifts will be required.

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