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Voting Busy at Early Polls

More than 1,600 voters have cast ballots since early polls opened Thursday.

Daily reports from the board of elections showed that on Thursday and Friday, a total of 1,621 people have taken advantage of the early polls. Sunday (today) was expected to busy as well, with several churches planning to bus voters to the polls after morning worship. This year is the first time Sunday voting has been held in Columbus County. The elections board narrowly approved replacing one Saturday poll with a Sunday in a split vote earlier this year.

Any registered voter may cast a ballot at any polling place during the early voting period. Unregistered voters must use a provisional ballot. Only registered voters can cast ballots in their home precincts on Election Day.

Saturday’s numbers showed 798 votes cast at the Board of Elections; 306 at the Chadbourn Municipal Annex; 215 at the Tabor City Courthouse; 186 at the Ransom Center; and 116 at the Fair Bluff Fire and Rescue Building. Sunday’s numbers were compiled at press time.

Columbus County had 36,866 registered voters as of Oct. 20, according to the State Board of Elections. Early voting ends Oct. 29.

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