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Turnbull to Offer Environmental Classes

Updated: Mar 15

Turnbull Creek Educational State Forest (TCESF) is now offering ranger-led classes every Saturday of the month throughout its prime season from March through the end of October . The classes offered will go towards a N.C. Environmental Education Certification. The program provides enrollees with outdoor teaching skills, science and nature content knowledge, and environmental education methods needed to manage places like Turnbull and other state forests and parks.

The functioning turpentine still at Turnbull Creek shows visitors one of the primary products of the naval stores industry. (NCSP)

Classes will rotate through different themes monthly and will be held from 2-3 p.m. for one hour of credit. The schedule is as follows:

First Saturday - Guided Hike with a Ranger: Criteria II

Second Saturday - Naval Stores History: Criteria III

Third Saturday - Forest Measurements 101: Criteria II

Fourth Saturday - Fire Control 101: Criteria III

Fifth Saturday - Art and History of Papermaking: Criteria II

TCESF will also be offering some specialty courses this season aside from the regular Saturday agenda. There will be one held per month for one hour of credit each, and the schedule for those classes are as follows:

March 18 – Arbor Day History Criteria III

April 22 – Earth Day Celebration Criteria III

May 27 – Wildfire Awareness Criteria III

June 3 – National Trails Day Guided Hike Criteria II

Aug. 12 – Story time with Smokey Bear Criteria III

Sept. 23 – National Public Lands Day Hike Criteria II

Oct. 28 – Creepy Crawlers of the Forest Criteria II

Registration is required to attend any of the sessions. If you're interested in the courses available at Turnbull, visit their website at Turnbull Creek Educational State Forest. You can also call the forest office at 910.588.4161.

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