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Thomas Allen Frank

Updated: Jan 10

November 27, 1947 ~ January 4, 2023 (age 75)

On November 27, 1947, Leo and Margaret Braatz Frank presented to the world a new bundle of love, caring and compassion and delivered it in Janesville, Wisconsin. They named this present to the world Thomas Allen Frank.

Tom and his siblings, both deceased, Leona Kelsey (Ed), Carol (Jerry), Donald (Evie) deceased, and his living siblings, Bruce (LaDana) in Milton, Wisconsin and Mary Johnson (Doug) In Chilton, Wisconsin were taught pragmatism and responsibility from their father Leo, and love, caring and compassion from their mother, Margaret. Traits that Tom and his siblings have maintained and expanded upon through out their lives.

Tom was enriched with small town values growing up in Milton, Wisconsin and was eager to learn more about the world. He attended the University of Wisconsin and upon graduation joined the US Army and was stationed in Germany, serving as a nuclear weapons monitoring specialist. He was both proud and grateful that he never had to shoot a rifle at another human being, even though he earned several sharp shooting and distinguished service medals, which he never revealed to his friends.

After serving his country, he returned to the University of Wisconsin and obtained a Masters Degree in finance and marketing. He was employed at the corporate offices of Minnesota Fabric in Charlotte where he met his future husband, Tom Mooney, in 1979. In 1985 he was offered a job with the Kroger Corporation as a marketing specialist. Positions in Cincinnti and South Lyon, MI followed.

Through the many years with Kroger he always referred to his colleagues as "friends at work" and enjoyed having professional and personal interactions with them. They were not merely "co-workers", they were his friends. He was able to demonstrate the nurturing and caring qualities that were instilled into him from his parents, by volunteering with the Huron Valley Aids Research Center assisting Aids patients. His desire to help led to him being asked to join the HARC Board, and eventually serving two terms as president.

God blessed him with the opportunity of becoming a parent with his husband when they were able to adopt an entire family. Brandon, Ryan and Ashley Alman. After retiring in 2015, he and his husband moved back to Whiteville, NC to take care of his mother-in-law, Doris Mooney. After spending the last seven years here, he couldn't decide which he liked more, the warm weather or the warm hospitality of Whiteville.

Because he enjoyed meeting so many wonderful "new friends" associated with the Columbus County Arts Council who makes this world a more beautiful place for all people of all nationalities, races, religion and political and sexual orientation, any friend who wishes to express their remembrance of Tom, send a donation to the Columbus County Arts Center, PO Box 291, Whiteville, NC 28472.

Celebrations of his life are being held at later dates in Wisconsin, Michigan and Whiteville, NC. Dates will be announced.

On a more personal note, thank you, Tom, for the most wonderful love filled 42 years a person could experience. You changed my life. Because I knew and loved you, I was changed for good.

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