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Teen Shot in Dothan

Fourth Area Killing for 2023.

The fourth area homicide in the first three weeks of 2023 was reported Monday.

The unnamed 18 year old male was shot and killed in the 3800 block of Old Dothan Road. A 911 call came in at 12:50 p.m., according to the sheriff’s office. The sheriff’s office is investigating.

So far this year, two people have been stabbed to death in Whiteville, and with Monday’s shooting, two have died by gunfire in the county. Julian Fipps, 31, was shot to death in his vehicle along MM Ray Road in Clarendon on Jan. 9. He had been shot multiple times, and his Jeep was found overturned in a ditch. Xavier Antonio Rayquan Thomas, 21, was arrested in Horry County and charged with first degree murder in Fipps’ death.

Whiteville Police are still waiting for direction from the District Attorney’s office on two unrelated stabbings that occurred in the city. The first was on Jan. 2. Whiteville Police said the man was in an altercation at the Timesaver, and was cut or stabbed in the fight. He was transported to Columbus Regional in his own vehicle, which led to the main entrance of the Emergency Department being closed for a time.

The victim was transferred to New Hanover Regional, where he died Jan. 8.

In the second case, Preston Gore was stabbed Jan. 12 in a home on Radio Station Road. He died at the scene.

Whiteville Police Chief Doug Ipock said the district attorney’s office advised WPD not to release any additional information in either case.

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