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  • Crystal Faircloth

Stop Being Human

Religion has been one of our protected rights since the constitution was written. It's a sacred bond between a person and whatever higher up they believe in. We as Christians believe in God, but what happens when the church discourages believers from entering their doors?

Social media is both a blessing and a curse. The negativity of the platform rips and pulls, and many folks as of late have been deactivating their accounts. Life is hard enough without the trolls lurking under virtual bridges. But the blessing lies in bringing people together over common interests.

Sadly, that interest seems to be the act of turning away from faith.

Let me explain.

Facebook has this lovely little section of the world called Reels. You often see middle aged folks with ugly mouths and lewd acts gracing the screen. I tend to scroll past these and move on to the more positive subjects.

Prayers, animals, and little ones making silly faces and holding chickens "becausssssssse" give me a chuckle or two. Some are worth sharing while others are worth an uplifting listen.

One in particular caught my eye the other day. A young lady walked into the shot holding a Bible. She was dressed in black and green, wearing goth makeup, and covered in tattoos. She clung to her Good Book like her life depended on it.

I suppose to some of us, it absolutely does. It's our instruction manual on life, a man named Jesus, and loving God.

She went on to explain how much she had loved a church she once attended and how she had been led to grace there. Then, she told the story about how that same congregation turned away from her, against her, and how she turned away from Jesus as a result.

Her story is heartbreaking, but it's one I've heard a lot lately. Though it's human for us to judge, it's also not up to us on an earthly plane to sentence someone to heaven or hell. That decision belongs to the man upstairs.

She goes on to say how she left the establishment. The brick-and-mortar building filled with human flesh crushed her spirit and broke her down beyond repair. So-called Christians deemed her not good enough, but in the Father's eyes, she was.

She became worldly and unruly, and she drank and carried on. One day, she picked up that Bible once more, and the Lord called to her. He told her that though the previous church turned her away, He had never left her.

"Do not turn away from me because I have never forsaken you," He said.

Simply put, there are other churches and other congregations. Go where you feel the closest to God. Where one place pushes you away, another feels the Holy Spirit and will welcome you with open arms.

She ran back to a loving God, a forgiving God, and a new gentle church.

Church is a place for sinners. It's a place for alcoholics, drug addicts, thieves, prostitutes, and worldly folks to be saved. Their seats are next to your seat, and if they are sitting alone, it's your job to love them, welcome them, pray for them, and praise the Lord with them.

It's not your job to judge and point out all the things that are wrong in their life, but it is up to you as a Christian to witness with them and bring them to Jesus. Bring them to God and show them how He can change their lives.

If something is wrong, the Lord will fix what is broken.

Stop being human, and start being a Christian. Someone's life depends on it.

James 5:20, KJV: Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death and shall hide a multitude of sins.

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