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Solicitors, Barking Dogs Addressed at Lake

The last Lake Waccamaw Town Hall meeting of the year was brief but productive Tuesday. The board took the opportunity to fill vacancies and to clarify an animal control issue for the police department.

Carl Bracey was named the new commissioner for the East Ward seat recently vacated by Rosemary Dorsey back in November. Terry Littrell took her position as the Cape Fear Council of Governments delegate, and Theresa McKeithan will act as alternate. Bracey will be sworn in at the January meeting so that his family and friends can be present.

Those who plan to go selling door-to-door must now apply for a permit at Town Hall a week in advance, and they must disclose the description of the vehicles they will be driving, as well as the names and identification numbers of all involved.

The measures were put into place so that the Lake Police will have the opportunity to vet solicitors and keep criminals from taking advantage of residents. Permits will cost $50 each, and Hyatt says background checks will be run when applications are returned to Town Hall.

Solicitors will be carefully evaluated by the Department before they can even reach the front door of any home in the area, Chief Scott Hyatt explained. The safety precautions were suggested by Hyatt after researching protocols in other cities in the state.

"We can't tell them no solicitation because it's their right to do that, but we can regulate how they solicit," said Hyatt.

Another ordinance was amended Tuesday evening to define "excessive barking" in the area. The change was made so that officers can enforce the law and hold owners responsible for disturbances recently reported in the community.

Hyatt said that all dogs are going to bark and make noise, but the town wants to be able to address situations where the disturbances are unreasonable.

The ordinance now reads as "barking or persistently making a noise to such a degree or extent that it unreasonably interferes with the peace, comfort or convenience of a person.”

"This will add more teeth to the ordinance," Hyatt said.

Town Manager Damon Kempski took the opportunity to thank Town Clerk Meredith Parker for her involvement with the tree lighting and Christmas parade this year.

"She took a larger role, and it drew a larger crowd, and I think she did an amazing job organizing it," said Kempski.

He also announced that all town offices will be closed from Dec. 23-27, and on Jan. 2.

The meeting schedule for 2023 was approved by town leaders. Only the Feb. 14 date was modified, and that meeting will take place the week prior on Feb. 7.

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