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Sheriff’s Candidate, Family Report Cyberbullying

Former sheriff’s candidate Jason Soles and multiple members of his family told the sheriff’s office that they were being harassed on social media.

Jason Soles, a Democrat, lost a contentious election to Republican Jody Greene in November. Soles came short by nearly 1,600 votes. Greene has since resigned for the second time while facing a removal petition by the district attorney’s office.

The removal petitions started when Soles released a recording of Greene making racially derogatory remarks about employees at the sheriff’s office. Soles made the recording in 2019, but didn’t release it until weeks before the election. The recording became a centerpoint in the bitter contest between then-incumbent Greene and Soles.

Soles, Rita Capps Lewis, Marty Lewis, Mickey Soles, Stacy Lynn Soles, Teresa Croom, Ronald Fisher, Paula Inman and Dawn Dennis are listed as the victims in the report. The sheriff’s office media bulletin released this morning (Tuesday) does not detail the alleged harassment. The bulletin notes that there are nine suspects in the case, but names are not provided in the bulletin.

No charges have been filed, and the investigation is continuing.

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