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Safe Zones Available in Columbus and Bladen

As online shopping takes over the market and child custody cases are being settled after the pandemic, residents in Columbus and Bladen counties are being reminded about 'Safe Zone.' The 24-hour camera surveillance parking spots can be found at each of the counties' sheriff's departments, and they are marked by green and white signs and painted lines.

The Bladen County Sheriff's Department reminded citizens that the zone that was started a little over five years ago, and it's still there for use.

"Safe Zone can be used for exchange between parents, grandparents or guardians when exchanging children for court-ordered visitations," the press release said. "As online shopping continues to boom, this is an area to meet to exchange goods that have been bought or sold online instead of taking a chance and meeting at an unknown location or having a stranger come to your home."

The Columbus County Sheriff's Office has a similar Safe Zone located at 805 Washington Street in Whiteville. The area was established in December of 2020 to complete property exchange transactions, like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, and child visitation exchanges in custody cases.

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