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Prank Call Panics Bladen Parents; No Threats Here

The prank callers are at it again.

Bladen county authorities rushed to East Bladen High School today after a report of an “active shooter” on the campus. The county issued a Code Red telephone alert to parents, and deputies were on the scene within minutes. After an intense search, no evidence of a shooter was found, according to the Bladen County Sheriff’s Office.

“The Bladen County Sheriff's Office has received information that a hoax of phone calls throughout the Eastern United States with reports of active shooters at each school,” Sheriff Jim McVicker said in a press release. “Currently East Bladen High School has been cleared and is safe.”

The scam calls hit schools from North Carolina to Ohio, according to media reports.

Columbus county and Whiteville City schools were not targeted this time around, officials said. Dr. Marc Whichard of the Whiteville System and Kelly Jones of the Columbus County Schools said both systems work closely with the Sheriff’s Office and their School Resource Officers (SROs).

Whichard said he had just met with Sheriff Bill Rogers when news of the Bladen call broke.

“We have been proactive in discussing this with SROs,” Whichard said. “Sheriff Rogers just finished meeting with me and shared that his agency is on alert for this very issue.”

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