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Patient Dies in Ambulance Crash

The patient in an ambulance that wrecked near Whiteville Thursday died of natural causes, not due to the wreck.

First Sgt. Andrew Pait of the Highway Patrol said EMTs were performing CPR on the victim when the collision happened at the Smyrna Road onramp at U.S. 74. The Klondyke Chadbourn ambulance was transporting a Smyrna Road resident to Columbus Regional on an emergency call.

“The medical examiner said the gentleman likely passed before the wreck,” Pait said. “The emergency personnel were doing their best to save him.”

The ambulance took the exit to meet a paramedic from Whiteville Rescue, and the driver failed to stop at the stop sign entering Smyrna Road, Pait said. The ambulance struck a car that had the right of way in the intersection.

No serious injuries were reported among the emergency personnel or the occupants of the car, Pait said.

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