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Party Calls for Removal of David

The Columbus County Republican party plans to pursue a petition for removal of District Attorney Jon David.

Sammy Hinson told a party gathering in Tabor City on Tuesday that the executive committee is forming a new group to pursue David’s ouster through the courts. David is the elected prosecutor for Columbus, Brunswick and Bladen counties.

”It’s time,” Hinson said after the meeting.

Hinson said the District Attorney’s office has not pursued an incident videoed during the 2018 election, when an employee of an adult day care business was recorded preventing a client of the day care from voting for President Donald Trump and other Republicans. Although then-Elections Supervisor Carla Strickland relayed the incident and other reports of voting irregularities to David’s office, Hinson said, no action was taken.

The committee also questions why 35 to 38 murder cases in Columbus remain in limbo, Hinson said. David said in 2021 that the pandemic prevented jury trials in 2020. His office upped Superior Court sessions last year to deal with the backlog, which existed before COVID.

The committee also plans to ask for David’s removal because of a pending alienation of affection suit from Bladen County that names David as a defendant.

Hinson emphasized that the petition is not being brought in retaliation of David’s continuing investigation of ousted sheriff Jody Greene.

”There is much more than just the removal of the duly-elected sheriff,” Hinson said.

The plan was met with enthusiastic support from the packed house, many of whom supported Greene for sheriff. Greene resigned last week at a hearing to remove him from office based on allegations of corruption, racial intimidation, sexual harassment and maladministration. David sought the petition to remove Greene in October after the Democrat challenger for sheriff, Jason Soles, released a secret recording of Greene making racist remarks in 2019. Greene stepped down Oct. 24, but still defeated Soles by almost 1,600 votes. David said at the October 24 hearing that he would pursue the same charges against Greene if Greene won the November election. David filed a new petition minutes after Greene was sworn in Dec. 29. Greene resigned the second time Jan. 5 as the petition was going to trial.

David called on county commissioners to allow public participation in the selection of a new sheriff. The board instead voted to reappoint William Rogers, who served as interim sheriff from October until Greene was sworn in.

This is a developing story.

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