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‘Nation is Watching Columbus County,’ New Sheriff Says

School safety, drug enforcement and equal enforcement are among the priorities Sheriff W. A. Rogers outlined in his plans for the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office in a news release Wednesday.

Rogers was sworn in as sheriff on Jan. 5 after former Sheriff Jody Greene resigned the position for the second time.

The Evergreen native began his law enforcement career with the N.C. Department of Corrections. In 1996, Rogers joined the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office as a deputy. Rogers joined the N. C. State Highway Patrol as a Trooper in 2000.

After dedicating more than 25 years of his life to serving and protecting others, Rogers retired from the NCSHP on Oct. 1. Five days later, on Oct. 6, Rogers was temporarily appointed sheriff of Columbus County, following Greene’s first resignation.

What he thought would be a short tenure will now be for the remaining term of four years. Greene’s resignation came days after he was sworn in Dec. 29.

In his free time, Rogers can be found outside on his farm or spending time with his family.

“The fact that Rogers voluntarily put his retirement plans on hold to serve a greater good, speaks volumes about his character,” the sheriff’s office said in a press release. “The negativity that has surrounded the Sheriff’s Office in recent months did not discourage his decision. Sheriff Rogers saw a need for change and volunteered to fill that need for the Sheriff’s Office staff and Columbus County citizens.

“Sheriff Rogers is a leader that has shown and will continue to prove that he will not back down from tough situations.”

Rogers is devoted to ensuring the safety of children while attending school.

“Our children are one of the most vulnerable populations,” he said in the press release. Rogers said in the release that he will make it a priority that children are and feel safe while attending school in Columbus County.

Rogers also plans to focus on the drug epidemic that continues to plague our communities. “The war on drugs will never end,” the release said, “but Sheriff Rogers and the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office will continue to be on the battlefield every day, fighting the fight.”

Columbus County Sheriff’s Office has faced an onslaught of negative publicity in the last few months, but Rogers said he is “only looking to the future.

“This is a new year and time to move forward, leaving the negativity in the past. I am going to focus on earning the citizens’ trust by proving this is a new administration that will not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

“The Sheriff’s Office, under my administration, will be held to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. We will serve and protect all Columbus County citizens and do so equally, without regard to one’s race, color, nationality, religion, community, disability, gender, or sexual orientation.

“The nation is watching Columbus County right now. This is an opportunity to show that generational hatred and discrimination can and will be stopped.”

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