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  • Jefferson Weaver

MLK Walkers Call for Unity

Dozens of area residents and leaders walked from Vineland Station to the Columbus County Courthouse today (Saturday) to remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. -- and called for healing and unity in Columbus County.

Sheriff Bill Rogers and Chief Deputy Jerome McMillian were among those taking part in this year's walk. Dalton Dockery, one of the event's organizers, thanked the sheriff and called for a round of applause for the new administration at the Columbus County Sheriff's Office.

"We need healing and unity in our community," Dockery told the crowd as the walk got underway.

Whiteville Police escorted the procession Madison Street to the old Courthouse, where Rev. Wayne Rowell called on the crowd to follow Jesus' example, and "hug someone who doesn't look like you. "We are called to be the light," he said. Look for more on the walk Monday at Other events are scheduled for Chadbourn Monday at 9 a.m. and Columbus Regional Healthcare at noon.

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