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Mechanic Charged with Selling Vehicles

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Mechanic Charged with Selling Vehicles

Multiple felony charges have been filed against a Chadbourn mechanic who allegedly sold customers’ vehicles without their permission.

Jimmie Wallace Dewitt III, 34, was arrested Nov 10 on two charges of felony larceny of a motor vehicle and four of obtaining property by false pretenses. His address was listed as 2171 Braswell Rd., Chadbourn. His bond was initially set at $20,000, according to detention center records.

Dewitt is alleged to have sold several vehicles to Powell’s Recycling after taking money from the owners and towing their vehicles to be repaired. Investigators obtained receipts from the company after receiving information that a stolen vehicle was at the recyclers.

The investigation showed several individuals had contracted with Dewitt to perform repairs.

Raekwon Kelly told authorities that his Honda broke down on U.S. 74 on Nov. 8, 2021 and he gave Dewitt $1,595 to tow and fix the car. When Kelly tried to get his car back, Dewitt said he was out of town. Investigators said Dewitt later told Kelly that he was in the hospital after a car engine fell on him. Kelly’s mother saw the car on Dewitt’s property on July 12, the report said, and on Aug. 18, Dewitt sold the car to Powell’s for $161.

Tina Gainey and Tyresha Kelly told investigators that they had given Dewitt $2,000 in August 2021 to repair a Chevrolet automobile. In January Gainey gave Dewitt an additional $100 for a part. Receipts showed that Dewitt sold the car for $187 in August.

Dewitt also sold a van belonging to Ashley Brothers after Brothers left the van with Dewitt for an engine replacement. The van was sold in September for $316.

On Nov. 1, Wayland Owens reported to deputies that he found his Dodge 1500 truck at Powell’s Recycling. Dewitt had Owens truck for approximately three months for repairs he said. Three weeks prior to finding this truck, Owens said he noticed that his vehicle was no longer at Dewitt’s property. Dewitt sold the truck to Powell’s Recycling for $246, the report said.

Dewitt was arrested that day for felony larceny of motor vehicle and felony obtaining property by false pretense. He received a $10,000 secured bond.

On Sept. 28, Powell’s Recycling reported that they had previously purchased a Ford F-450 from Dewitt, but the vehicle was no longer on the property. A deputy from the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office found the vehicle earlier that day, parked on West Smith Street in Chadbourn. When deputies went back to the address, the vehicle was no longer there.

Chadbourn Police Department told an Columbus County Sheriff’s Office Investigator that the vehicle was believed to be at an address on S. Wilkes Street.

The resident contacted the alleged vehicle owner, James Brown. Brown advised that he left the vehicle in the care of Dewitt to repair it, and that a few weeks prior, he asked for his vehicle back. Dewitt returned the vehicle to the Wilkes Street residence. Brown was unaware that Dewitt had sold it to Powell’s Recycling, the report said. On Oct. 10, Dewitt was arrested and charged with felony larceny of a motor vehicle in that case. His bond was set at $2,500.

On Aug. 28, Samantha Faircloth reported that her Ford Expedition broke down in Chadbourn, and a friend called Dewitt to tow Faircloth’s vehicle.

Dewitt had agreed to repair the vehicle for a specific price. Faircloth was later contacted by a friend, advising her that her vehicle was no longer at Dewitt’s property. Faircloth went to the residence to and spoke with Dewitt, who “ made multiple excuses as to why he could not produce the vehicle or take her to it.”

An agreement was made that he would take Faircloth to the vehicle at a later time. The same day, Faircloth called 911 again to state that she had found her vehicle at Powell’s Recycling. The catalytic converter had been removed from the vehicle. Dewitt sold the vehicle to Powell’s Recycling on August 26, 2022, for $252.

Dewitt was arrested on Aug. 30, and charged with felony larceny and obtaining property by false pretense. He received a $2,000.00 unsecured bond. An additional warrant was obtained for Dewitt in relation to this case. He was arrested on Sept. 20, and charged with felony larceny. He received a $5,000unsecured bond.

The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office is continuing this investigation, and the CCSO said there could be more victims that have not come forward yet. If you left a vehicle with Jimmie Dewitt III to be repaired and have not received your vehicle back, please contact Columbus County Sheriff’s Office at (910) 642-6551.

Additional charges are pending.

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