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Local Businessman Needs Help After Diagnosis

A local businessman has been diagnosed with a rare and advanced stage of cancer, and he needs help from the community to seek treatment and support for the disease.

Jeff Wright is the owner of Tint Wizards in Whiteville. He's also a husband and a father with three daughters, and he has been sick for several months with Stage 4 Neuroendocrine cancer with metastasis to the liver. Metastasis means that the disease is now traveling to other parts of his body.

He was told by physicians in Chapel Hill there were no treatment options except for costly monthly injections to slow the growth and manage his symptoms. His small business health insurance plan does not cover what they consider to be a catastrophic health crisis. Over the next few weeks, Wright will have a CT scan done to gain more knowledge about the illness, and he will be going to another doctor for a second opinion.

His cousin Jenny Wright has started a GoFundMe page for the family, and she hopes that friends and community members will reach out to help the man who has helped so many others through his business and church activities.

"Any contribution to Jeff and his family will be greatly appreciated," said the family member. "All proceeds will be forwarded to the family."

So far, the page has collected $8,660 of the $20,000 goal. His wife Lori Anne said the family is grateful for any help anyone can offer.

"If you can help, we are humbled. If you can pray, we are blessed. If you can visit, we are thankful. If you simply will reach out and give us a hug, we are comforted," she said in a Facebook post.

If you would like to make a contribution to the family, you can do so by visiting the

GO FUND ME page. You can also drop them by Tint Wizards located at 1400A South J.K. Powell Blvd., Whiteville.

Jeff Wright and his daughters. (Contributed photo)

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