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Lake Landowners Seek Approval for Properties

Two landowners in Lake Waccamaw are trying to navigate the waters while setting minds at ease about their intentions for their properties.

Lynn Hinnant has filed a request for a change of zoning for the Dupree land parcel, while Christie Roeder has petitioned the Board of Adjustment for a variance of the zoning ordinance at her Lakeshore Drive tract.

Both applications were submitted to a planner with the Cape Fear Council of Governments for their recommendations before going to the mayor and town commissioners at Lake Waccamaw.

Hinnant’s endeavor for the campground

Hinnant has been working closely with the town of Lake Waccamaw for several months since purchasing the One Stop store property on Waccamaw Shores, the parcel across from the store, the Dupree boat storage contract, and the campground behind it.

Last month, the campground owner was granted a special use permit for boat storage located off the waterfront, and two of his residential properties were rezoned for commercial use.

Two contingencies were added to the permit, including Lake Waccamaw’s existing law not allowing boat stacking when storing vessels. The other provision limits the property to only one building for the retention of a lawn mower and landscaping equipment.

The property was previously zoned residential, and though the area was used as a marina of sorts, the owner before Hinnant never filed a commercial zoning request to be in ordinance with the town.

The purpose of the zoning change application is to make the land consistent with both its traditional and present use.

The current owner said his intention is to return “the area to its former glory” instead of the eyesore it is now.

“I want to restore it to the way it used to be when I was a kid,” said Hinnant. “These text amendments will make for a more uniform appearance to the RV park and better meet the needs of the RV park.”

The only change the request will make for the parcel would be to allow newer and larger park model RVs to be used at the campground and allow campers on the waterfront at Dupree.

A board meeting has been set for Tuesday, Nov. 8 at 6 p.m. at Town Hall to discuss allowing these amendments.

Roeder application for variance

Christie Cameron Roeder is the widow of the late Dallas Cameron and the heir to the wooded lot beside Dale’s Seafood on Lake Shore Drive. She is filing for an application of variance to build a 1,400 square foot home with a small fence or small marina on the property.

The original ordinance, adopted in 1935, restricts construction of a home, commercial building, or any other structure from Lake Shore to the high-water mark of the Lake.

She and her late husband were denied their first request for a home to be built in 2005 due to the original ordinance, but this time, she has not included plans because she would like guidance from the town for a purpose for the unique parcel.

“I would like direction from the city as to the best use,” Roeder said in a letter to the town board.

According to the memorandum from the Cape Fear Council of Governments, construction of a home is possible, but the town ordinance does not allow for structures other than piers to be built on the lakeside of Lakeshore Drive.

The property is zoned for residential use and a rezoning request has not been made for commercial use by Roeder for a marina. The town also strictly forbids the construction of a marina at Lake Waccamaw.

The Board of Adjustment for Roeder’s variance will be held on Monday, Nov. 7 at Town Hall at 6 p.m.

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