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Jury Scam Hits Columbus Residents

Scammers are calling Columbus County residents demanding $500 to avoid arrest for not showing up for jury duty.

The sheriff’s office and Clerk of Court Jess Hill said this morning that multiple people have reported the calls, which began last week. The caller claims to have an order for arrest for the victim, and the victim must make arrangements to pay a $500 fine or go to jail.

Hill said the clerk’s office nor the sheriff will demand payment of a fine over the telephone for missed jury service.

“This is a terrible scam that has upset a number of people over the last couple of days,” Hill said.

Anyone with questions about jury service should call the clerk’s office at 910.641.4400, Hill said.

If you receive a call about missing jury duty and the caller demands payment, hang up and call the sheriff’s office or police department.

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