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Jordan Loves Job, Community

Updated: Feb 10

The Columbus County Sheriff's Office (CCSO) has gone through many changes over the last few months, and with all those changes comes a step in the right direction. On Feb. 6, Lakeisha Jordan was named the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Specialist, and not only does she love her job, but she loves the county she lives in as well.

"There's a lot that's happened in Columbus County," said Jordan. "I want to be the bridge to bring folks back together."

Jordan started her law enforcement career 20 years ago, and she has served many communities in Columbus and Bladen counties. She joined ranks with Bladen County Sheriff's Office and spent sometime on the force at Whiteville Police Department before becoming a part of the Columbus County Sheriff's Office family.

Her new position at with CCSO not only involves the recruitment of new employees, but it also promotes fair treatment, protection, dignity, and respect for all applicants and those who currently serve on the department.

The specialist position is just one of many hats that Jordan wears. The Neighborhood Watch Program was started by the sheriff's department's HEAT Unit, and when COVID struck, the program dwindled. She was assigned to Neighborhood Watch to bring it back to life, and her impacts have been so successful in the Bug Hill community in Tabor City that Farmers Union may soon see a watch team of their own.

Jordan attends Neighborhood Watch meetings and helps to advise and organize the team. She answers any questions they may have regarding emergency calls made to the area and brings along a printout of a list of incidents that residents may or may not have been aware of. Different communities hold meetings on different nights, so Jordan has no problem getting to the folks who need her the most.

She hopes that her involvement at CCSO continues to be a positive driving force in the county where she works, lives, and plays. It's her home, and as far as she's concerned, all the residents here are her family.

"I love this area. We need to learn to grow as a family and not just be business oriented," said Jordan.

To find out how you and your neighbors can start you own Neighborhood Watch team, visit or call the sheriff's office at 910.642.6551

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