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Hickman Resigns from CCSO

An investigator accused by the District Attorney’s Office of having an extramarital affair with Sheriff Jody Greene has resigned.

Samantha Hickman said this morning that she had turned in her resignation Monday. She had served as a road deputy, investigator and narcotics agent. Hickman was with the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office for nine years.

The alleged affair, which was denied by both Greene and Hickman, was described in an affidavit submitted as part of removal petition against Greene.

Victor Jacobs said in his sworn statement to the DA’s office that Hickman confided in him as a pastor and a friend about the relationship, and he had recorded those conversations.

That alleged affair led District Attorney Jon David two cite sexual harassment of employees as one of his reasons for the removal petition.

When Jacobs and Hickman worked together, Hickman said she had rebuffed Jacob’s attempts at a sexual relationship, whom she considered a friend. She also said Jacobs shared pornographic photos of himself and another woman with Hickman.

Hickman said she has been in a committed relationship with another woman for ten years, and has only had one relationship with a man, in 2019. When she became pregnant, Hickman said Jacobs advised her to get an abortion.

She said she was prepared to defend herself against the accusations during the removal hearing for Greene, but when he resigned, the petition was thrown out.

Jacobs was defeated when he ran against Jason Soles for the Democrat nomination for sheriff this year. Jacobs was an employee of the Pender sheriff’s office at the time. He is now a part-time PCSO employee, according to the Pender Sheriff’s Office.

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