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Greene Still Running for Sheriff

Jody Greene is still on the November ballot, and he said this evening he intends to stay there.

The former sheriff resigned today as a hearing to remove him from office was starting. Greene was accused of corruption, maladministration, sexual harassment and civil rights violations in a petition filed by District Attorney Jon David Oct. 4. The motion was amended Friday with more than 50 pages of affidavits from witnesses accusing Greene of having an affair with a detective and using deputies to intimidate black citizens, among other acts.

Greene denied all the accusations in court Monday, and submitted his resignation. David then voluntarily dismissed the petition for removal, since Greene would no longer be in office. David said in a statement Monday afternoon that he intends to pursue another petition for removal if Greene is re-elected.

In the statement sent out this evening, Greene said the entire petition request was political in nature, but he wanted “to spare my fellow citizens along with my family and friends the ordeal and spectacle of a long trial.”

Greene pulled no punches in the statement.

“The allegations in the State's Petition and Amended Petition are not true,” he said. “They were politically motivated.

“Weaponizing the courts to attack, smear, or ruin those whom we disagree with politically is wrong. Political disagreements should be settled by the voters.”

He also said “This has been a humbling experience. I am sincerely sorry for the disrespectful and insensitive words that have offended my friends, colleagues, and fellow citizens. I ask for forgiveness.

“As it is written in James 4:6, ‘God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.’

With early voting underway and two weeks before the November election, Greene said

“there is a move afoot to usurp the votes of law-abiding citizens. I cannot afford to spend the next week fighting in a courtroom while we are in the middle of an election to preserve our freedom.”

The petition was filed Oct. 4 by David after Democrat sheriff candidate Jason Soles released a secret telephone recording from 2019 of Greene. Greene uses racial epithets and vulgar language in the recording, where he refers to several Sheriffs Office employees as “black bastards” who were spying on him for Lewis Hatcher. Greene narrowly defeated Hatcher in 2018 for the sheriff’s post. Soles was appointed to manage day to day operations while the courts determined if Greene could hold the position.

Soles told media outlets that neither the county commissioners, State Bureau of Investigation or the District Attorney’s office would listen to the recording. Four commissioners and the District Attorney’s office said they never heard the tape until it was released to the media in September.

David said this afternoon that an investigation by the SBI into the sheriff’s office is still going on.

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