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Greene Pulls Backpay Request; Board Okays Money Owed Former Deputies

Updated: Nov 21

Sheriff elect Jody Greene withdrew his request for $170,000 in accumulated overtime and other pay before tonight’s county commissioners meeting.

The board voted to approve paying more than $125,000 in overtime, holiday and comp time owed to deputies who are no longer with the sheriff’s office.

The funds were requested due to “staff turnover attrition during Fiscal Year 22-23,” the request says. The funds would go to former employees of the sheriff’s office, detention center and Animal Protective Services.

Since the county does not normally pay overtime, employees are granted comp time. However, if the time is not used and an employee leaves, they are supposed to be paid for the lost hours.

The request initially included a line item for $170,000 for Greene. The monies were for 2,400.5 hours compensatory time; 11 administrative hours; and 184 banked holiday hours. The request notes that Greene is exempt from comp time, administrative pay and banked holidays.

Greene resigned in October amidst a petition for removal by District Attorney Jon David. The petition alleged civil rights violations and an extramarital affair, among other issues.

Greene was elected to a new term as sheriff Nov. 8.

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