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Emergency Meeting Called to Name Sheriff

County commissioners will meet in emergency session at 5 p.m. to name a new interim sheriff.

Jody Greene resigned Wednesday at the start of a hearing to remove him from office. Greene was sworn in Dec. 29.

It was Greene’s second time leaving the post. He retired at an Oct. 24 hearing called by District Attorney Jon David. Greene was accused of corruption, civil rights violation s and having an affair with an investigator at the sheriff’s office. The resignation did not prohibit Greene from serving as sheriff, and he was reelected by almost 1,600 votes in November.

William “Bill” Rogers served as interim sheriff until Greene was sworn in Dec. 29. Rogers, a retired state trooper, is rumored to be the frontrunner for the job, if he accepts the appointment. Chief Deputy Kevin Norris, who was appointed chief when Greene returned to office, is acting as sheriff until an interim is named.

The appointee will serve out the remainder of the term Greene was elected to in November, according to state law.

The General Statute (§ 162-5) says that “… (b) In those counties where the office of coroner has been abolished, the chief deputy sheriff, or if there is no chief deputy, then the senior deputy in years of service, shall perform all the duties of the sheriff until the board of county commissioners appoint some person to fill the unexpired term. In all counties the regular deputy sheriffs shall, during the interim of the vacancy, continue to perform their duties with full authority. (c) The board of county commissioners shall not make any appointment under this section without first being presented with a valid disclosure statement of no felony convictions or expungements, issued within 90 days prior to the appointment, prepared by the North Carolina Sheriffs' Education and Training Standards Commission.”

The meeting will be held in the commissioner’s chambers of the county administrative building on Madison Street, and is open to the public.

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