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Early Polls Top 7,200

Almost 700 people cast early ballots Wednesday, bringing the one-stop total to 7,253 in Columbus County.

Election Day is Tuesday, but many voters are not waiting for Nov. 8. Early voting goes on through Saturday at five polls in the county. All registered voters can cast a ballot at any poll, regardless of residency, during the early period. Voters must go to their home precinct if they wait until Tuesday.

Early polls are open until, 7:30 p.m. weeknights, and from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. Saturday.

On Wednesday, 671 voters went to the polls early. The elections office saw 303 ballots cast. Chadbourn had 104, Tabor City 98, Ransom 118, and Fair Bluff 48.

Early polls are located at the county elections office on U.S. 701 North of Whiteville; Chadbourn municipal annex; Ransom community center; Tabor City courthouse; and Fair Bluff Fire and Rescue.

State elections officials sent out a reminder Thursday morning (today) that totals on Election Night are unofficial tallies. The official vote tally won’t be available until Canvass Day on Nov. 18.

The state has tightened rules on aggressive campaigning outside of polling places, and voters who feel intimidated are encouraged to contact the chief of the polling place to file a complaint.

The State Board also said that equipment failure, power failures and other issues occur “during every election,” and “are not indications of malicious activity.” Polling hours can also be extended by the State Board if interruptions occur during the course of regular voting. Critics pointed to Gov. Roy Cooper’s last reelection win as the result of polls in Durham being held open later due to confusion about voter’s precincts. All votes cast after 7:30 p.m. must be provisional ballots, which are verified along with mail-in absentees after the regular results are tabulated.

Counting will not be stopped until all ballots have been tabulated across the state, the state board said. Totals upload to the state at the same time they do at local elections boards, so totals released by the state are up to date.

Candidates on local ballots include:

County commissioner

District 1

Barbara Featherston

(Randy Williams is running as a write-in candidate)

District 6

Ricky Bullard

District 7

Scott Floyd

Edward Squires


Jody Greene

Jason Soles

District Attorney

Jon David (unopposed)

Clerk of Superior Court

Jess Hill (unopposed)

Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor

Frank Galloway

James Malpass

County Schools

District 02

Ronnie Strickland

Timothy Lance

District 03

Irvin Enzor

Frankye Boone

(Jerome McMillian is on the ballot, but withdrew from race)

District 04

Chris Worley

Wanda Brooks

Whiteville City Schools

At Large

Ronald Fisher

Ernest Gaskins

Elgin Collier

Whiteville City Schools District 01

Anna Hall Richardson

Phyllis Haynes

Whiteville City Schools District 02

David flowers and Jason Elleby

U.S. Senate

Ted Budd

Shannon Bray

Cherie Beasley

House of Representatives

Charles Vinson Graham

David Rouzer

N.C. Senate District 08

William “Bill” Rabon (unopposed)

N.C. House of Representatives District 046

Brenden Jones (unopposed)

N.C. District Court Judge Seat 01

Will Callihan (unopposed)

N.C. District Court Judge Seat 02 (Brunswick)

Quinton McGee

Bryan David Wilson

N.C. District Court Judge Seat 07 (Brunswick)

Sarah McPherson

N.C. Supreme Court Justice Seat 05

Sam Ervin IV

Curtis Hudson Allen III

N.C. Supreme Court Justice Seat 03

Richard Dietz

Lucy inman

N.C. Court of Appeals Seat 08

Julee Tate Flood

Carolyn Jennings Thompson

N.C. Court of Appeals Seat 09

Brad Andrew Salmon

Donna stroud

N.C. Court of Appeals Seat 10

John Tyson

Gale Murray Adams

N.C. Court of Appeals Seat 11

Darren Jackson

Michael Stading

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