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Developing Story: Man Killed in Clarendon

Updated: 3:50 p.m.

The county's first homicide for the year happened Monday evening, when a Clarendon man was shot to death.

Julian Juan Fipps, 31, was killed in the 2500 block of MM Ray Road. The sheriff's office received the call at 8:43 p.m. Fipps had addresses in Lake Waccamaw and Nakina. Additional details have not been released by the sheriff's office. We'll update this story on air and online as more information is made public.

In April 2021. Fipps was arrested and held under $5,000 secured bond on charges of narcotics possession, secret peeping, misdemeanor stalking and second degree trespassing. Reports from the incident show the sheriff's office responded to Simmons Farm Trail in reference to a suspicious vehicle. The vehicle belonged to Fipps.

While deputies were on the scene, Lindsey Hinson began screaming because Fipps was on the property, despite being under a court order.

Fipps was spotted laying in the bushes at the bottom of a swimming pool ladder. The report said he had a bag of heroin and was clutching binoculars.

The deputy immediately provided emergency care while waiting for EMS, and "performed a sternum rub" until Fipps "began snoring," the report said. Tabor City Rescue administered Narcan to Fipps, and he was transported to the hospital.

The pool ladder was located near the victim’s bedroom window, the report showed. It was originally located in the pool in the backyard. The charges were later dismissed by the District Attorney's Office as part of a plea agreement.

The sheriff's office said he was caught outside a woman's home with drugs and a ladder.

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