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Deputies Breach Home to Save Woman


Entry equipment that was purchased with a donation helped deputies save a woman Tuesday.

Sheriff W.A. Rogers said in a press release that deputies responded to a home on Swamp Fox Highway East after a woman fell and injured her hip. The doors were locked, but deputies found an unlocked window.

“They opened it and could see the injured female laying on a bed,” the release said, but “Inside the residence, deputies observed a large dog.”

The dog, which was described as aggressive, charged the deputies, and bit the injured woman.

After discussing it with the victim, deputies decided to force entry to allow rescue personnel inside.

“ Utilizing some of the newly purchased entry tools, a deputy was able to force entry to the residence, causing minimal damage,” the release said. The dog was safely secured in a kennel.

Nakina Rescue provided emergency care for the woman and transported her to an area hospital.

The equipment used by the deputies was purchased with a donation to the sheriff’s office by Mark Meeks in June. “We want to take this opportunity to again thank Mr. Meeks for his generous donation,” the sheriff said.

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