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County Schools Offer Bus App

Updated: Jan 12

A new app from Columbus County Schools will allow parents up to the minute information about buses.

Here Comes the Bus, available for free on Apple and Google Play, uses GPS tracking to monitor the location of each bus in the system. By signing in and using a child’s school identification number, parents can know exactly where the bus is and when it is expected to arrive.

The app works on phones, tablets, and personal computers, said Kelly Jones of the school system. Notifications are sent when the bus is nearby, eliminating most of the wait times at the bus stop.

Parents will need the district code and their child’s Student ID number to enroll. Schools will send this information home the week of Jan.17, Jones said.

“It is important for any parent that has an issue with the app to fill out the form located on the CCS website or mobile app,” he said.

The service is available at no cost to families of Columbus County School students. It does not track individual students, but only buses, which are commonly equipped with GPS tracking systems.

Users can customize the app alerts for variables such as when to send a bus alert,

The app will also display a signal when the bus does not stop, as happens when no students are waiting for the bus at the pickup and dropoff location. The stop indicator will turn red when a bus has made it to a location, Jones explained.

Some bugs are still being worked out, Jones said, as parents join the system and information is added.

“These features may not be fully functional during the first few weeks of the app,” he explained. “If your app is not functioning properly, please fill out a form located on the CCS Website.”

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