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Council Hears Skatepark Plan

Skateboarders could someday have their own home at Nolan Park in Whiteville.

Skateboard enthusiast A.J. Worley, Police Chief Doug Ipock and Rec director Brent Spivey briefed the Council on preliminary plans for a skatepark at Tuesday's meeting. The proposed facility would replace the old tennis court at Nolan Park.

The park would serve skaters, inline skaters, and scooters. The 6,000 square foot park could cost $300,000 to $350,000 to build. The park could utilize the foundation for the tennis court, which is in disrepair, and skaters could chess restrooms and other facilities at the recreation center.

Funding sources are available for the park, Worley said, but the grants are highly competitive.

Ipock noted that skaters currently utilize areas of downtown that are not safe or designed for skateboarding. Providing a specific location for skating would improve safety and reduce complaints from property owners, if funding can be located.

A number of skate enthusiasts attended Tuesday’s meeting.

Mayor Terry Mann and the council expressed support for the park, but also noted that funding is a concern. Mann also questioned whether there was sufficient interest in Whiteville to justify the park.

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