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Columbus Duo Brings Home Two JMA awards

Dustin Chapman and Ryleigh (Bunch) Madison, the Columbus County uncle and niece singing duo, may not have been American Idol winners, but the kids definitely made a mark in Nashville, Tennesse on Oct. 23 at the Eighth Annual Josie Music Awards (JMAs).

This year’s show was held at the Grand Ole Opry House, where Chapman and Madison were both nominated for many different categories. Chapman won the Songwriter Achievement Award, and Madison was honored as the Vocalist of the Year Under 18.

The Josie Music Awards is an all-genre music award ceremony, started by the mother and daughter team, Josie Passantino and Tinamarie Passantino, that comes complete with a lavish red carpet and many performances showcasing independent artists. Since its inaugural celebration in 2015, the JMAs remain the largest independent music award show globally, holding shows at different venues throughout the state of Tennessee. JMA awards often lead to special attention by industry executives on the hu8nt for new talent.

“To have my song selected for this recognition out of over 2,000 songs worldwide that were submitted was an absolute surprise in the best way. It’s an honor to have our craft and dedication recognized by the largest awards show for independent artists in the world,” said Chapman.

Madison was equally excited by her award at the JMAs.

“I was very shocked to receive this award, but I’m so happy that I did. I’m so blessed and thankful to be recognized for not only my talents, but the hard work and dedication it’s taken to get to this point in my musical career,” she said.

To follow the journey of the duet, check out their Facebook pages at Dustin Chapman Music and Ryleigh Madison Music.

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