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Chief Deputy Suspended Without Pay

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Chief Deputy Aaron Herring has been suspended from the sheriff’s office without pay.

County Board Attorney Amanda Prince provided a personnel action form today (Nov. 28) showing that Herring was suspended Nov. 22. The form was signed by Sheriff William “Bill” Rogers, but did not specify why Herring was suspended.

The form says Herring is suspended until Dec. 5. That’s also the date Sheriff Elect Jody Greene will be sworn back into the office he held until his resignation in October. Greene resigned at the start of a hearing called by District Attorney Jon David to remove Greene from office. Greene was already under suspension pending the hearing.

Herring has served as Chief Deputy under Greene since 2018, and worked under Rogers since the retired Highway Patrol Trooper was appointed interim sheriff Oct. 16.

Herring’s annual salary was listed on the personnel form as $85,840.

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