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Chadbourn Officers Honored

State Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey presented two Chadbourn Police officers with heroism awards Monday. "It's my honor to be able to do this," Causey said.

Jonathan Driggers was the first officer on the scene when a propane explosion blew through a common kitchen at the Budget Inn in May. Mayor Phillip Bitt and his wife Shannon called 911 after hearing the explosion. The Britts--both of who have years in the emergency medical field -- then ran to help.

Driggers began clearing the motel and discovered the victim in the cooking area. He pulled the man from the burning room and began administering first aid before taking over a fire hose and helping attack the flames.

Everett Lewis was the first officer on the scene of a structure fire in Chadbourn in February. Bystanders said someone was still inside the home, which had heavy flames showing through the windows and roof in the kitchen area, County Fire Marshal Shannon Blackmon said.

Lewis went into the smoke-filled home, ducking below flames, and found the male subject on a couch. He then dragged the man out and checked other rooms as firefighters were arriving.

Causey thanked both men for their service.

"Every day I hear stories about our police, fire, EMT and 911 personnel," he said., "We can't thank you all enough for what you do."

Shannon Blackmon, Mayor Phillip Britt, Jonathan Driggers, Everett Lewis, Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey, and Chadbourn Police Chief Ken Elliott.

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