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Blackouts, outages Continue for Christmas Eve

It could be a truly silent night for some power customers here, as Duke Progress implements blackouts and scrambles to repair damage from Friday's storm.

Multiple new power outages are being reported across Columbus, on one of the coldest mornings in years.

Duke Progress is also implementing rolling blackouts this morning due to national demand for power.

Power is out from White Marsh to Lake Waccamaw due to trees on power lines.

"Due to the extreme cold temperatures and subsequent demand for power around much of the nation, electricity supplies are very tight," a release from Duke said this morning.

For those with power, Duke urged customers to conserve usage and. In some cases, the company is implementing "load shedding" steps that include interruptions in service. "This is necessary to extend available power generation and help maintain operations until additional power is available," Duke said in the release. "These outages are temporary and rotated among customers and will continue until additional electricity is available and normal operation of the power grid resumes."

Load shed rotates in 15–30-minute blocks though that timing may vary. The blackouts were expected to end around 9:30 a.m., but were continuing throughout the area.

Duke Energy crews continue to work to repair remaining outages from Friday’s wind storm and will return to normal operations from these temporary outages for all customers as soon as possible.

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