Crystal Faircloth • No June Cleaver

Crystal Faircloth
Crystal Faircloth

Normally, my column carries some biblically-inspired message, but a Second Amendment issue here in Columbus County has caught my attention. 

Let me be clear from the beginning. We don’t live in a 1950s sitcom, and I am not June Cleaver.  As many folks know, I’ve done my time in retail. The work was hard, we were always understaffed, and the volume of freight and greed was abundant. The pay was absolutely not competitive, and at times, not worth getting out of bed for.

Some things never change in that particular industry, but one thing that has is gun policy.  

Some corporate retail outlets forbid employees from carrying handguns. There were many times when opening or closing a store that I was worried about if I would lose my life over the deposit bag tucked under my arm. The store was worried about their money. They, however, were not concerned about my wellbeing.

It was always a relief to me to see a law-abiding citizen with a 9mm strapped to their hip checking out as I prepared to end the day. It was an even bigger relief to see a female equipped to defend herself. Lord knows throughout history women have been viewed as fragile and easily man-handled by the rogue thug in the darkness of night.

How many of these victims were anti-gun before they were attacked, but quickly changed their mindset after?  

After the robbery, after the rape kit, after the beating, after the home invasion, etc., etc., etc. 

The last business I worked for experienced a string of robberies over a very short time. At one of the chain’s places of operation, an 18-year-old boy was made to get on his knees, execution style, while the thief held a loaded gun to his head. 

We watched the surveillance video the next day and gazed on helplessly as bullets were popped off, narrowly missing the kid.  

If only the manager had a gun.  

Other times, the assailants broke the window to steal beer and cigarettes. Thankfully this was after hours and nothing was needed but a tax write-off.  

This got the wheels in my head turning. I took a concealed carry course, obtained my license, and purchased a gun. Background checks and criminal records are pulled when applying

It’s not criminals who are allowed to own guns.  

I have carried every day since the purchase of my weapon. I refuse to be a victim, and I refused to rely on someone else to protect my children and my family.  

I am not June Cleaver. 

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