Sheriff urges vigilance as car break-ins continue

Breakins of vehicles are continuing in the Nakina area.
Breakins of vehicles are continuing in the Nakina area.

Break-ins of vehicles in Nakina are continuing, and the sheriff’s office is encouraging residents to lock their vehicles, hide their valuables, and keep an eye out for strangers.
The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office has been investigating multiple vehicle break-ins throughout the Seven Creeks Highway communities since August.  Seven reports were made on Sept. 12.  Multiple firearms, cash, and a checkbook were stolen during the incidents.

Sheriff Jody Greene is encouraging everyone across the county, but especially those in the Nakina area, to secure your vehicle when you exit it, by locking the doors. 

 “It is important to remove all valuables from the interior of your vehicle when you exit it,” Greene said in a press release on social media, “including cash, coins, firearms, purses, checkbooks, etc.  You should also ensure that your property in and around your residence is secure.  Take the time to document the serial numbers of your valuables, especially your firearms.” 

The individual responsible for the crime spree is an opportunist, Greene said.  

“He/she is entering unlocked vehicles and taking items easily accessible,” he said. “By working together, we can make it harder for this individual to profit from others’ hard work.

“Be vigilant.  If you witness anything suspicious, call 911.”  

Anyone with information concerning the break-ins is asked to contact the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office at (910) 642-6551.  

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